E-learning Basic Labour Law

Basic Swedish labour law for English-speaking managers

Ensuring competency in Swedish labour law

Basic Swedish labour law for English-speaking managers

Competent skills in Swedish labour law can prevent the organisation from unnecessary conflicts and self- inflicted costs. Draftit’s E-learning on Basic labour law is a digital course designed for you as an English-speaking HR-assistant or for you who are in a staff management job role.

The legislation of the Swedish labour law is described in an easily understood manner, presented pedagogically and uses illustrative methods. The course will provide you with solid knowledge of the relevant legislation and how to apply it at your workplace, including how to proceed in the events of disputes or potential discrimination.


The influential role of employees in Sweden

The Swedish labour law is generally more comprehensive and differs from many other countries’ labour laws. The Employment Protection Act elaborately regulates the process on the notice of termination, dismissal, right of priority in the event of re-employment, among others. The Working Hours Act regulates and applies restrictions on working hours, overtime, and additional work. A brief summary of the Work Environment Authority’s procedures and regulations regarding operational working standards are also provided as part of the course.

The Employment Act on co-determination at the workplace is also a widely elaborate regulation in Sweden as compared to other countries. The trade union movement has had a historic impact on the Swedish labour market, hence have a strongly influential position in decision-making processes in the overall labour market. This means that the trade unions and ultimately, the employees are involved in negotiations and have greater opportunity to impact decision-making.

You can read further about the different course modules under the Contents of the course.

How does the course work?

The course contains five modules. Each module takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. You can discontinue at any time and return to the module from where you left off. After completing the module, you will set a test to assess your level of understanding. When you have passed all five modules you will be provided with a diploma certifying your gained skills in these core legislative areas of Swedish labour law.

You can select whom you want to invite to complete the course and will be able to monitor the progress of those invited to the course.This E-learning course in basic Swedish labour law offers an invaluable and reliable security in staying updated with current legislation. It is recommended the course is reset at least once a year for refreshment purposes and to ensure competency.

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